Premier Facility

Join the PSI-PCI Premier Facility team and receive this special recognition as a Premier PSI-PCI facility! With your commitment to cylinder safety, standardized PSI-PCI training facility wide, you will be afforded:
  • The most comprehensive consulting available to PSI-PCI Inspectors
  • 24/7 access via special phone and email
  • Designated listing on the PSI-PCI website as a Premier Facility
  • Quarterly newsletters and special news bulletins
  • 5% off quarterly featured items
  • Distinctive sticker to proclaim your status
Compliance with the specific criteria below is required and a signed contract will be sent to you for your signature acknowledging compliance which you will return to PSI-PCI for the records. This is an annual commitment to:
  • Promote PSI-PCI actively with truthful and accurate information on cylinder safety.
  • Train and document ALL employees in HAZMAT (using PSI-PCI Cylinder Hazmat/Fill Station Compliance Kit, sold separately).
  • Use only PSI-PCI Hazmat/FSO trained persons to fill cylinders.
  • Use only PSI-PCI VCI trained inspectors for cylinder inspections.
  • Document all Visual Cylinder Inspections.
  • Post PSI-PCI training certificates in a visible location.
  • Display the Premier Facility decal in a prominent facility location.
Annual renewal of the contract will be required to maintain affiliation with the program. Call us for more information if you have further questions. We appreciate your interest in becoming a PSI-PCI Premier Facility!  Click HERE to order!
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