Articulating Crown Inspection Tool

The Articulating Crown Inspection tool is a device used to inspect the underside of the crown in a cylinder.  It does not have quite enough light to inspect a cylinder internally completely but can be used to "spot check" issues you find along the side walls or base during a regular inspection with the LED Bright White Light available from PSI-PCI. 

We have found the tool works best when paired with a Windows device such as laptop or tablet, however many Android devices will work as well.  It is a little more hit or miss with MAC products at this time.

The tool utilizes the camera of your device.  Here is a link to install the driver for Windows:


Click Save As when the window opens and save the executable to a known location on your computer to find it. 

Plug the ACIT into your USB drive then find and doubleclick the ACIT.exe you saved to engage the camera with your device.  Once you have this .exe on your device, anytime you plug in the ACIT then double click the .exe you saved on your computer it will open the camera to the scope. 

You can download an APP for Androids and various compatible MAC products that will work with the tool.  Search "borescope" apps to try a few to see which one works best with your device.  You may have to try several.