PSI-PCI - Spring Dive Show Training Schedule

PSI-PCI training is the only training recognized, endorsed and used by the cylinder manufacturers and recognized by USDOT, CGA, and other rule making entities.
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Others may say it, but we can prove it!  The professional choice is clear.  Choose the most trusted name for visual cylinder inspection training: PSI-PCI - the original --- the gold standard for visual cylinder inspection training.  We have a 30+ year history of providing the most up to date information available pertaining to this training.  No one else can match our levels of expertise or support!  If you need to inspect tanks (or just want to learn about the process) you need this formal, recognized training.  

Please click here: Course Descriptions to get more information on each course offered and acronym definitions.
*Denotes previous PSI-PCI training required.  **Denotes current PSI-PCI training required.  Be aware the Visual Cylinder Inspector full day course (Refresh as well) may take place day prior to show start date as noted.


Scuba Show - Long Beach, CA  June 23-24

Friday, June 22 - Room TBD

(NOTE:  VCI class day prior to show start)

Visual Cylinder Inspector, $295, 8am - 5pm

Visual Cylinder Inspector (Refresh-Concurrent with VCI) $225*

Saturday, June 23

PSI-PCI Annual Update, $95, 8am - 10am**

Oxygen Cylinder Cleaning Technician, $150, 10:30am - 12:30pm

Valve Repair Technician, $150, 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Eddy Current Technician, $150, 4pm - 5:30pm

Package Pricing

Want to take the Visual Cylinder Inspector course with all the specialties?  Use this package price and save $50!  This will include Visual Cylinder Inspector, Eddy Current Technician, Valve Repair Technician and Oxygen Cylinder Cleaning Technician.

If you can't make the shows, don't worry!  Check out the list of training available all across the US, Canada and around the world on our course schedule. Don't see one in your area?  Feel free to browse our Meet Our Instructors page for a PSI-PCI instructor near you. You can contact the Instructor directly or you can contact PSI-PCI and we will work with you to find a class.
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