3HT Cylinder Letter of Interpretation

Many times PSI-PCI is queried about the use of 3HT cylinders by paint ball participants.  We have nothing at all against paint ball participants but there is some very important information that you should be aware of as a cylinder inspector and as a cylinder requalifier.  These cylinders are authorized for use in the aviation industry ONLY.  Using them in paintball applications is using them in an unauthorized manner.

Based on the letter of interpretation provided to hydro-requalifier, Amy Bruecks, of Oklahoma City, OK; these cylinders are recommended not to be retested if they have been used in an unauthorized manner, such as paintball, or any other application outside of aviation.  If a cylinder can not be retested, then it can't be requalified for service.  The only alternative is to take them out of service.

This is not always easy to explain to the customer, but we have to follow the applicable regulations. The customer may not be happy, but you will be much happier following the rules and regulations pertaining to this cylinder than not!  Click HERE to read the letter of interpretation and feel free to share this information with your customers.

If you have questions, please contact PSI-PCI.  We are your up line support!