My stickers expired...or did they?

My PSI/PCI visual inspection stickers are expired!

Well actually, they are not.  The beauty of the PSI/PCI version of the visual cylinder inspection sticker which we call "Evidence of Inspection" stickers (EOI) is that they are single digit year notation.

In the dive industry most people are used to seeing double digit year notations and therefore believe that it is a requirement that the year be shown on stickers in the two digit format.  But there is no rule requiring this.

In order to keep the EOI stickers fresh and useful we chose to show the year in a single digit.  This should not cause confusion because an astute cylinder handler will be aware of several things that will allow them to know specifically what year is noted on the EOI sticker.

The only thing that expires for PSI/PCI trained inspectors is their training window.  So as long as you are current with your required recurrent training, the visual inspection stickers will be able to continue to show your current visual inspection dates.

If you have questions on this issue, please feel free to contact us!