Burlington-Virtual, NC

Date: August 6, 2021

This is the same Visual Cylinder Inspection course we teach in person -now available thru virtual classroom. We cover the entire course including the hands on practice to ensure you have gained the knowledge needed to meet Federal requirements for visual inspection of high pressure cylinders.

What you need:

1. Access to web, computer/video for viewing training.

2. Applicable tools to conduct hands on which are included with this package.

3. Two empty, devalved cylinders to perform hands on.

This package includes:

Visual Cylinder Inspection Training Course

Pick Ended Probes

Master Pit Reference Plate

Flex Light

Welt Probe

2x Mag Mirror

Thread Brush

LED Duplex Inspection Light (which will be important to have if you plan to take the Oxygen Cylinder Cleaning Technician course or offer/inspect/clean for Nitrox or other enriched air cylinders - bright white / UV light in one wand).

Due to the nature of this type of training and the release of training materials at sign up, this is a non-refundable course. If you are not able to attend the date of sign up, you will be moved forward to another course date given by same instructor.

We will also offer the supporting specialties in the same method. See the PSI-PCI website Course Schedule pages for more details or contact us directly.