A thought provoking statement " If you think OSHA is a small town in Wisconsin you're in trouble.  And, if you are in the gas industry and think DOT is a small mark over the letter (i), your business is in jeopardy."
PSI, Inc. has trained more than 25,000 cylinders inspectors throughout the world including both the Antarctic and Arctic.  Many dive stores and other air fill stations use improper and unsafe pressure vessels for air storage banks.  U.S. made cylinders (DOT, ICC) made before January 1, 1993, may be used in Canada without bearing a CTC or TC marking. (CAN/CSA B339 & B340).  Canadian Occupational Safety Code requires all scuba cylinders be inspected yearly (CAN/CSAZ94.4).  Aluminum cylinders bearing special permit or exemption number 6498 or 7042 MUST have or receive a 3AL mark by a hydro retester before conducting the pressure test.
U.S. employees, and perhaps others, working with and around high pressure cylinders must have pressure related  HAZMAT training every 3 years and whenever their duties change.
DOT regulations for the E12479 scuba cylinder requires the cylinder to be inspected at least annually and specifically by a PSI, Inc trained visual inspector.
Federal law provides for civil penalties up to $27,000.00 for violations of the Hazardous Materials regulations. PSI training greatly reduces the likelihood of non-compliance. Willful violation could result in a $250,000.00 fine and prison.
Both Canadian and U.S. military units take PSI, Inc. training. Custom, small group PSI cylinder inspector classes may be scheduled at an employer's training location. For the past several years, at least 10 cylinders have ruptured each year for the lack of quality visual inspection. PSI, Inc. now has multi-media PowerPoint training manuals for in house Hazmat training.
Unless otherwise noted, our information applies to SCUBA and SCBA cylinders which may or may not apply to other cylinder applications.
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